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Anxiety in the classroom
Anxiety manifests in a surprising variety of ways in part because it is based on a physiological response to a threat in the environment, a response that maximises the body’s ability to face danger or escape danger. In addition, anxiety can also make children aggressive. When pupils are feeling upset or threatened and don’t know how to handle their feelings, their fight or flight response to protect themselves can kick in — and some children are more likely to fight. They might attack another pupil or a teacher, throw things, or push over a desk because they’re feeling out of control. It’s not uncommon for children with serious undiagnosed anxiety to be disruptive at school, where demands and expectations put pressure on them that they can’t handle.
Our curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our vulnerable children that do not 'fit into' mainstream school for lifelong learning. Through our nurture curriculum, we develop the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for primary to secondary school transition and later life.  Our curriculum not only supports schools with the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but creates a classroom community to ensure that our children feel supported and nurtured and are exposed to the power of a creative participatory learning environment.  Our aim is to enrich 'from inside out' and inspire every child to succeed and be the best they can be. At Awaken Genius we will cultivate children with the essential knowledge and skills for their future. The exploration of new skills and experiences help to nurture resilience, curiosity, and creativity. A fun-to-learn experience which promotes confident, self-motivated pupils, eager for lifelong learning.
The aims of Awaken Genius Curriculum are:
  • to reduce mainstream school exclusions and promote wellbeing in children, by acting as an early intervention provider by supporting schools to tackle challenging behaviours before they become entrenched during adolescence  
  • to reduce anxiety and trauma in vulnerable children
  • to foster the children’s understanding of ‘belonging and being’ and how they connect to the past, live in the present and look to the future; encouraging curiosity and a passion to learn
  • to promote a ‘go-for-it’ attitude towards learning, so that all children enjoy education and embrace new challenges and possibilities, pushing their own boundaries
  • to enable children to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills; being ‘determined to succeed’ and becoming independent thinkers and questioners; acquiring a solid basis for lifelong learning
  • to promote Values-based Education so children take responsibility for themselves and their actions, are respectful and develop resilience
  • to support schools in fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • Quality Assured Nurture Curriculum developed by a panel of experienced, well-qualified and expert teachers, educationalists, and consultants
  • Staff Enhanced DBS Checked
  • Staff Youth Mental First Aid trained
  • Qualified Teachers and Mentors 
  • Inset Day School Staff Training - Introduction to Awaken Genius and Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified Training

Our School Partnership Package will include:

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