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 Community & Creative Arts
in Numeracy and Literacy


Every Child Wants To Be Successful

Awaken Genius


Transformative Education:

Embracing Ubuntu as a Way of Life


Why Awaken Genius?


Awaken Genius lessons are designed to create a positive, safe, and open learning environment by deliberately avoiding any sense of threat or risk. This careful approach recognizes that individuals, especially children, are most receptive to learning when they feel secure. The program aims to maximize learning opportunities by preventing the activation of survival instincts triggered by perceived threats, which can otherwise hinder cognitive engagement. In essence, the emphasis on safety ensures students can fully absorb new information and experiences in a conducive atmosphere.


We consist of a group of committed professionals whose strategic vision is to empower and educate children and parents.

Unlock Brilliance with Awaken Genius, where lessons are crafted to inspire learning with the essence of Ubuntu. Our approach goes beyond traditional education, creating a collaborative environment for students.

Cultivate a profound sense of interconnectedness. In the spirit of Ubuntu. We believe every student can be a guiding force for their peers. Our lessons empower students to uncover social solutions, fostering shared growth. 


Join us on an educational journey where the spirit of Ubuntu unlocks geniuses, promoting a culture of support, collaboration, and collective brilliance. Following the Ubuntu philosophy, we aim to build a learning space where all celebrate one's success, and each individual's brilliance contributes to the collective excellence of the community. 




This is what our students had to say about the Awaken Genius programme in their own words

and in writing.

Why Not Volunteer?

Volunteering enables people to play an active role in their society

and contribute to positive social change


Volunteering helps to break down social barriers and offer people an opportunity

to socialise with people from different social and cultural backgrounds

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