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The largest proportion of victims of Serous Youth Violence in Haringey are Black African or Black Caribbean.

They make up 25% of Haringey’s 10-19 population but 36% of victims.- Young Black men are significantly overrepresented in the youth justice cohort.

Black men living in North Tottenham and Wood Green are most likely to be involved in the drug trade and arrested for
drug-related offences.

Young Black men are more likely to attain few or no qualifications than their peers.

Young Black boys are disproportionately excluded from school, whether permanently or for a fixed term.

The 2016/17 rate of fixed period exclusions in Haringey secondary schools was 19% among Black Caribbean pupils and 8% among Black African pupils, compared to 5% for White British pupils.


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- Trying to emulate mainstream school if that worked, they wouldn’t

be there!


- Pupils seated at desks.


- Teacher controlled.


- Reduced curriculum, mainly focused on core subjects.


- Lower expectations of learning outcomes.

- Children have likely suffered chronic failure throughout school life and have now been rejected from the school community.


- Pupils and parents are aware that the PRU is a punishment, which is often used as a threat long before exclusion occurs.


- Support is too late.

- Increases anxiety and disaffection from education in the majority of students.

- Training children to comply requires threat/fear of further sanction.


- PRUs are often used to ‘contain’ behaviour and perceived as a ‘dumping ground’ by children.


- Restraint is used by staff to control children.


- Aggression and assault are common.


- A genuine alternative to supplement mainstream learning.


- Develops a classroom community and incorporates creative art.


- Focus on relationships, community, endeavour and confidence.


- Teacher guides learning from the centre of a learning circle of pupils.


- Small Groups.


-Body rhythms, Mindfulness

Experiential learning in

Math and English.

- An early inclusive intervention before  behaviours become more challenging.


- Raises awareness of children’s potential to awaken their natural gifts for learning – their ‘genius’.


- Offers vulnerable children a sense of belonging in education.

- Awaken Genius is an enriching experience full of joy.


- It is a holistic, multi-sensory curriculum which incorporates parent, child, & peer relationships.


- It offers mentorship, development of self- regulation.


- Entrepreneurship.


- A positive sense of agency

and contribution to society.

- The Awaken Genius Curriculum is designed to help children physically rewire their brain to help them self-regulate and focus.


- Children feel safe and calm.


- Long-term programmes

offer a therapeutic effect

for past traumas, whilst

providing protective factors

to build resilience.


-  Awaken Genius targets a broad range of children's barriers to learning simultaneously.

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