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 Parent-Child Attachment  
Families Workshop 

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Families Workshop

Research suggests that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) impact children more in deprived areas. Also, repeated or continuous exposure to adverse experiences has been shown to disrupt children's neurobiological functioning by overstimulating their 'freeze, flight and fight' responses. If stressful events are not reduced by the caregiver’s affection, this can result in aggression and disruption in school. This is one of the major causes of school exclusions and mental wellbeing in these children.


We incorporate our trauma informed community-creative art framework to nurture strong parent-child relationships. As a result, this enables parents and their children to be attuned to one another and develop better bonds whilst having fun and being viscerally connected.

Families have an opportunity to spend time together, playing communal activities and games, and get to know other families. Feelings of school/organisation connectivity, and community connections are strengthened. Family cohesion increases and conflict decreases. Parents are more engaged with the schools and their children’s education and better connected to other parents. Our community-creative art learning approach applies mind-body therapy practices to promote the full potential of every child.



Aims and objectives 

• A holistic programme that delivers an early intervention for vulnerable children and their parents.


• Empower parents as leaders of their families. 


• Build positive connections and social capital between families and schools/organisations, and create a supportive community engaged in fostering children’s well-being and education.


Family-to-family interaction. We bring multiple families together in dynamic groups to build connections. These connections can support families at home, in school, and within their larger community.

Learning by doing, not lecturing. AG's is an experiential programme, where families can learn and practice parent and child attuned through a sense of community, the creative arts, positive parenting and family behaviours, rooted in practices of child psychology, parent and child interaction therapy, and family stress theory, among others.

Parent empowerment. Our facilitators are embedded in the community. They honour, respect and support parents as the leaders and decision-makers of their families.

Holistic and systemic impact. By building social capital among families and within the existing social structures of schools and communities, AG accrues benefits that extend beyond the effects of traditional educational programmes. Because of these differentiating features, AG supports systemic change in the family, school, and community to promote the full potential of every child.


Our Ubuntu ethos is based on community, humanity, making human connections, reciprocity, and collaboration. We use a 'call and response' Ubuntu affirmation at the beginning and end of each session to help to consolidate a sense of belonging. 

Pleasurable Safe Space

We create a pleasurable safe space that focuses on social relationships for big ideas to flourish. And will use singing, art, improv theatre games, emotional literacy, mindfulness, team-building games, and self-regulation exercises for parents to build strong bonds and trust. Moreover, parents will have an opportunity to share their life stories through visualisation and art.

June Tuitt

I've been really empowered and embraced and also what I'm realising is the connectivity between members of the community.

Group therapy

During the second part of the programme we will begin to incorporate parent-child interaction therapy whilst continuing with using the arts and peer learning. This form of therapy is designed to help improve the parent-child relationship through interaction. In this modality, child-directed interaction can help facilitate the development of effective parenting techniques and reductions in behaviour issues and may also lead to a stronger familial relationship.

Danielle Mckenzie 

 I didn't realise how empowering the experience would be and how much connection and love filled by everything it's amazing absolutely amazing.  

Relationship Building

The aim is for parents to understand both cognitively and viscerally the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships with their children. 


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Jami Patel

After I came to this event, I felt more empowered and confident since I have low confidence and self-esteem and I'm a domestic violence survivor, so this was really needed after hearing so many stories from people of all ages. 

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